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Portable Toilet

When there are no permanent sanitary facilities nearby, portable toilets are used instead. These can frequently be encountered during outdoor gatherings, on building sites, and at military installations. Our offerings often come in a range of sizes and designs and are made of plastic. Usually, they have a seat, toilet paper, and a trash can. For those who spend a lot of time away from home, portable toilets might be a practical and hygienic solution. The most frequent locations for the use of these offerings include construction sites, outdoor parking lots, and other workplaces without access to indoor plumbing, as well as at sizable outdoor gatherings like concerts, fairs, and leisure activities.

Pvc Portable Toilet

  • Color:Blue
  • Use:Warehouse, Hotel/Restaurants, Plant, Sentry Box
  • Door:One
  • Open Style:Swing
  • Material:PVC panel

Pvc Portable Toilet

  • Material:PVC panel
  • Door:Two
  • Use:Hotel/Restaurants, Kiosk, Office, Sentry Box, Shop, Warehouse, Workshop
  • Color:Blue

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